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Psychosocial Care

Advance Care Planning: Tips from Families

Several families of residents living in long term care homes were interviewed. Tips and advice for long term care home staff were documented. Highlights include: education and training, timing, communication, and relationship with the resident.

Advance Care Planning with Families and Residents


Advance Care Planning Module and Pamphlet

The information in this module is based on a pilot educational event. The purpose of the training was to support all members of the interdisciplinary team in identifying, screening, and communicating pain. This innovation is not meant to be used as a pain assessment tool.

Advance Care Planning Module

Advance Care Planning Pamphlet

Multi-Sensory Stimulation

Snoezelen® (snooze–e–len), also known as Multi-Sensory Stimulation, is a combination of two Dutch verbs – snuffelen, meaning to explore, and doezelen meaning to relax. Snoezelen® is a registered trademark of Rompa, Chesterfield, England. Since Snoezelen® is proprietary, the therapy is often referred to as Multi-Sensory Stimulation. Snoezelen® can be described as an emotional and intellectual vacation. Snoezelen® involves the stimulation of the senses and provides an alternative way to interact with your client. It is a failure free interaction without the demand for rules, memory or intellectual functioning. Snoezelen® provides the opportunity to bond and connect when past methods of communication have not been effective.

Multi-Sensory Stimulation Training Guide

Multi-Sensory Stimulation Training Guide (French)

Social Histories

A social history is a compilation of biographical information about an individual. It may include questions about an individual's unique qualities and strengths, spiritual practices, education and employment, hobbies and interests, significant events, and words of wisdom. Social Histories can also be referred to as life biography, life story, life history.

Social History Implementation Module

Social History Implementation Module (French)

Getting to Know Me 

Getting to Know Me (French)

Music Utilization in Long Term Care

 Lakehead University Music Students’ experiences of Music Interaction in Long-Term Care and is based on research done during the 2011-2012 school year. They witnessed that music is a powerful tool for building relationships, awakening, and mutual enjoyment in people living with dementia. Ideas that were presented include tips for getting students or volunteers to engage with individuals living with dementia such as room arrangement and recommendations for interacting and communication. Also, a simple checklist tool was presented as an easy way to help students and volunteers to recognize signs of enjoyment in people living with dementia.

To view a past presentation on this topic please visit the CDRAKE website:

Music Interaction Toolkit


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